Saturday, June 30, 2012

Fun, Funky, Chic... another fashion collage!

I think that every artist/designer ultimately settles into a signature look and designs from a point of view.

I love mixing my botanical/urban jewelry with interesting clothing design. I see clothing as an interesting but discreet canvas upon which to wear art jewelry!

Jewelry featured here is from my exploration of botanical jewelry in bronze. The necklace is a collaboration of bronze/sterling metalsmithing and chain maille construction. I created the leaves and sent them to Australia, where Kelly Clitheroe of Maille Fantasy created the baeckea blossoms and other maille links and designed the necklace.

Minimalist, pitted bronze leaf earrings and a hand-knotted abalone chip bracelet complete this funky, elegant look. These can be worn by women of all ages, especially if they are young at heart and adventurous!

The clothing pieces I've selected for this collage are by the Australian company, TS14+. What I love about them is that they design clothing for rounder, curvier women, and do it well.

The shoes are by TS14+, also.

The jewelry is available in my Etsy shop!

The necklace:

The earrings:

The bracelet:

Maille Fantasy/Kelly Clitheroe on Facebook:

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