Wednesday, November 20, 2013

T'is the Season!

Coming up on 'Thanksgivingkuh,' I, like most crafters, am very busy every day in my studio. And, if I'm not there, I'm most likely at home on my computer, creating in my virtual world. 

So, I just wanted to check in to say hello and that I hope your Hanukkah and Thanksgiving are warm blessings to you and yours.

If you're looking for early handmade gifts, I invite you to visit both of my Etsy shops. I'm on alert for quick shipping.

If you're local to Tallahassee, I'll be seen in a couple of local venues. First, the LeMoyne Center for the Visual Arts' annual holiday show/exhibition opens the day after Thanksgiving. I have a lot of handmade jewelry in the show, as well as my new reclaimed brass ornaments!

And, I'll be in the last Downtown Marketplace of the seaon, the "Just One More" show, which is a 2-day show for the first time this year: Saturday and Sunday, December 14 and 15.

Here are the links to my two shops on Etsy:

Both are filled with jewelry (and CRJ also features my ornaments!) that I hope you'll find perfect for giving!