Friday, April 20, 2012

On My Way to 'Magic City!'

It's been awhile since I've posted here and Blogger, like everything else in GoogleWorld, is going through some changes. Which I'll be happy to learn, just on the other side of my Really Big Art Show in Birmingham, AL, next week.

Like so many other things, this must queue up with the rest of my life because the days left before I depart for the show belong to production, booth tweaking, organizing/packing, getting the van road-ready, planning my food for the weekend away and a million other things.

I've been too busy producing new works to even upload much to my Etsy shop. But I thought you might like a peek at a few things I've made.

Magic City  Art Connection is my all-time favorite art show. They just do everything right. Especially considering that it's an extremely urban show. Downtown in Linn Park, the art show is ringed with wonderful buildings including an historic library.

The show begins Friday, April 27, and runs through Sunday, April 29. I'll be in Booth #375, near the library.

Meanwhile? Back into the studio for me!

When I try to make more earrings, pendants keep popping out. I guess my Muse is living in the pendants-to-be right now!

Pictures here: (Top) Pendant: Senoran Dendritic Picture Rhyolite, triangular, set in fine silver bezel onto a bronze backplate with curved self-bail.

(Bottom) Earrings: Dendritic Landscape Jasper, triangular, set in fine silver on textured bronze backplates, with forged sterling bails and handmade sterling earwires.

Both are available in my Etsy shop!