Friday, August 16, 2013

Etsy's Best Kept Secrets

One of the really great things about social networking and being on Etsy and Facebook, in my life, is the support and interest I get from my teamies on Etsy's Best Kept Secrets.

EBKS is small but international in scope. We make all sort of things.  Some of us have two shops on  Etsy.

Today, I produced the group's weekly collage, which is called 'What We Have Made This Week.' 

This collage is our of our recent work. Isn't it gorgeous?

Click on this link to find the interactive version of the collage, complete with live links to each of our artists' shops!

Sorry I've Been Gone So Long!

I haven't blogged in quite awhile, but I have been busy. With jewelry. With family. With pets. With life.

And it's summer in north Florida, when the weather alternates between searing heat and drenching rains.

In the time since I returned from New Mexico in late May, I've opened a second shop on Etsy, TanaMcLaneJewelry.

Here's the link to it: 

My original shop, CityRusticJewelry, remains open. Here's the link to it: 

Why two Etsy shops? 

Well, CityRusticJewelry is served by the Muse who loves experimental design, mixed-metals, and one-of-a-kind pieces.

The Muse of TanaMcLaneJewelry loves mostly just-sterling jewelry (although there will be occasional jots of mixed-metals, as seen in these Gingko Leaf earrings which are sterling with little drops of recycled brass).  

The new shop has jewelry design lines. 'In The East' and 'In The West' are two of my initial lines there. I invite you to click on my two links and see all the new works I've posted in both shops. I'm on a roll and will be adding more as the summer hums along. In north Florida, remember, we consider it 'summer' up until mid-October!

I also invite you to visit and 'like' the TanaMcLaneJewelry Facebook fan page: 

And, if you haven't already, you're also invited to visit and 'like' my original FB fan page for  CityRusticJewelry:


In other news, my out-of-house studio's entrance has been freshened and our shingles have been hung.

This is where the magic happens. My metalsmith studio is here, and so is a display area of available work. We don't keep regular hours yet. Maybe sometime in the future...

I share this space with the artist/architect, Valerie Goodwin, who make studio map quilts, which are gorgeous visually, but are also gorgeous in content and subject matter.

Valerie's work is often off on exhibition. But you can see it on these links:

Not only is Valerie's work beautiful and intriguing, but the content of her social networking pages is, too. I learn a lot from her, about design, about interesting art out in the world. We work well together, in our corners of our large studio and a lot of art is born here!