Saturday, September 8, 2012

Late-Summer Green

Late summer arrives in this forested north Florida city and we are a riot of green everywhere you look!

I know some parts of the U.S. are drought-ridden. I know other parts see autumn leaves beginning to color.

But here in Tallahassee, we've been drenched in summer squalls and tropical storms all summer and our rainforest is a riot of green. I think I can see every hue through my little window to my back yard.

Always influenced by environment, I have responded with several pieces that capture those delicious shades, my favorite colors when I'm not staying earthy/neutral!

Two recent pairs of green stone cabochon earrings in my
Etsy shop: (top) Green triangular druzies with black
speckles. Called 'Kiwi' for obvious reasons, they are a
refreshing shade of green. Details in my Etsy shop.

(bottom) Pyromorphite triangle cabochon earrings in a
great acid-green shade. Rugged and rustic and earthy
as all get-out. Details for these are also in my Etsy

The Weather Channel promises more rain
and cooler weather soon. But it is our
climate's nature to be warm for at least
another month. So this cool spell will be
an anomaly. But a welcomed one!