Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Since I last posted, I've acquired a rolling mill. I've been experimenting with it and letting it lead me into new textures and new directions. My first efforts with it are pretty simple... you might say minimalist.

Here's a sample of this new work: Minimalist Textured Earrings in bronze. Their subtle mesh texture is almost too fine to see in a photo, but their heat patina is vivid.

They are soldered to their handmade sterling earwires via spiral swirls at the end of the wires.

And they are asymmetrical, but complementary and balanced.

I was so happy to find these earrings featured in a beautiful jewelry blog called Silver Lines Jewelry, whose editor lives in Greece. Despite these tumultous times, Jenny produces her own beautiful jewelry, many Etsy treasuries, and her own blog. She is also a knitter.

To read her blog, please go to this link:

And to see more details about these, please visit them in my Etsy shop: