Thursday, June 7, 2012

Circle Game... Some Recent Bracelets!

Lately, I've been on a bracelet kick. Bangles, cuffs, hand-knotted and hand-linked. And I've been listing them in my Etsy shop:

This one mixes textured copper stock with forging and wirewrapping, with a subtle trapezoid caged in the wrapping.

Bangles are always popular, and I love to make them funky. So I add bits of embellishment to classic forms.

This patterened sterling bangle has a bit of copper wirewrapping.

Stacking bangles are fun to add to a growing collection, or can be worn alone.

This one is a slender textured copper bracelet with a hand-forged blossom made with recycled sterling. The blossom's face is stamped with my chasing tools.

This one has a sister with a recycled bronze blossom, which you can see in the Etsy link (above).

I've long worked with hand-knotted stone beads. Though I've been disciplining myself to just work in metals recently, a large portion of my work has been rustic compositions and beadwork.

This is an abalone chip bracelet hand-knotted like the finest pearls. One of its dangles is a heart-shaped slice of abalone and the other is a seashell-shaped Thai Hill Tribe sterling bead.

I also love wire bending and linking elements together in this way.

This bracelet is a little collection of interesting labradorite beads in different shapes and hues and finishes.  Some are faceted.

I used sterling wire and twisted-wire jumprings to link the stones together, and a wrapped dangle to finish this piece.

I also love asymmetrical, eclectic work and had a lot of fun creating this bracelet.

And the final bracelet I want to share with you today is actually a cuff!

Made with copper stock textured on my rolling mill, it's adorned with a sterling silver dish that was also textured on my rolling mill.

The copper remains malleable enough that you can squeeze it a bit to form a good fit to your wrist.

All of these bracelets are currently in my Etsy shop and I hope you'll visit there to see all the details!

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