Thursday, June 21, 2012

Birds of a Feather... 3 puzzle-makers

I love combining things that look interesting or pretty together. I also love bringing friends I love together. Perhaps this is the old gallery owner or community activist in me.

Here, I've created a mini-collage with the works of two of my great art jewelry compatriots, Kelly Clitheroe and Sharri Moroshok.

Kelly owns Maille Fantasy and lives and works in Geelong, Australia. I've collaborated with her on our Eucalyptus Leaf/Baeckea Blossom Necklace in the past.

Sharri owns The Beaded Bead and lives and works in Tallahassee, FL, USA. She and I owned Humidity Gallery together and have also collaborated on many jewelry designs in the past.

Kelly's "Lepidoptera Earrings" demonstrate how chain maille jewelry can experience flights of fancy and become sculptural elements, hanging in space like tiny mobiles. Sharri's "Sea Anemone" beaded bead demonstrates how multiple gemstone beads can be woven into a single, complex jewel. My "Copper Assemblage" is a fold-formed copper blossom pendant which demonstrates the knitting together of individual fold-formed parts into a single sculptural element.

We all love creating complex forms that seem simple when you first encounter them, but reveal the complicated little parts and processes they are comprised of, upon closer inspection.  Nothing makes us happier than solving puzzles on our way to making wearable art.

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