Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Featured Friend: Debbie Fang's whimsical work!

I adore the works of Debbie Fang, whose innovations in metals, stones and pearls never cease to amaze.

She lives in Hong Kong, a land where many of the world's great gemstones are faceted and drilled and made ready for market.

Her playful eye and skillful hands produce colorful, rustic and delightful pieces. Debbie's fun-loving personality shines in everything she does.

Her botanical forms derive from the stones themselves. In a clever version of wire-wrapping, she creates stone blossoms by surrounding a larger central gemstone with smaller stones. This pair sees larger faceted labradorites surrounded by rough diamonds.

She makes blossom earrings in different stone combinations, too.

I love these hoop earrings, encrusted with pretty gemstone rondelles! These, and all of her works here, are available in her Etsy shop, Crysallis Creations:

Occasionally, her works are large and complex, revealing the daring wirewrapper and designer she is.

This piece features a large, carved piece of Lavender Jadeite captured in sterling wire. It also features Moss Aquamarine and Watermelon Tourmaline. It's approx. 4.75" from top to bottom and comes with an adjustable chain.

This is its listing in her shop:

She repeats her stone flower motif in charms sometimes. This lovely orange blossom adorns a sterling silver chain anklet.

Its central stone is a faceted Citrine. Surrounding it are smaller faceted Orange Sapphires!

One day Debbie posted that she'd created 'light bulb earrings.' I had to see what she meant and, sure enough, she had!

The 'light bulb' itself is clear Rock Crystal Quartz and multiple faceted gemstones are captured in the mesh cap. The metal is oxidized sterling. You can read more details:

Debbie is moving in a new direction. She has begun her 'drawn line series,' and these Shooting Star Earrings are a great example!

Featuring Rainbow Moonstones and Blue Topaz, these earrings express light, movement and the love of life that is the signature of this wonderful artist.

She also has a Facebook fan page, Crysallis Creations Jewelry:


  1. XO Tana!!! Thank you!! :D Quite an honor to be your featured friend!! And to know how a great artist as yourself observes my creations is really icing on the cake! Thank you!! :D


  2. I LOVE Debbie's work and own several of her pieces. She is truly and amazing artisan and an inspiration to all (she's also my hero *wink*)