Saturday, August 6, 2011

Awakening to Fine Metalsmithing

I think of 'fine metalsmithing' as those pieces where an art jeweler makes something more difficult, amazing and complex, that goes a little beyond the ordinary.

While art jewelers often make affordable, more accessible everyday pieces, they will  break from their routine to create a coup de gras piece now and then.

I've curated a new treasury of Etsy metalsmiths' work to illustrates this.

As I come to understand how metalsmithing is done, I can see deeper and deeper into the methodologies and thinking of the artists who create it.

Though some pieces in the treasury could also be defined as 'fine jewelry' because they use gold or precious stones, the artful invention of these pieces anchor them firmly within my definition of 'fine metalsmithing.'

Please follow this link to see my treasury:  Coup de Gras: Fine Metalsmithing on Etsy I

The necklace in the photo, above, is my Trapezoid Fan Necklace. I fabricated it in copper and sterling silver. Each piece is handmade in my studio by me. I consider it one of my coup de gras pieces!

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