Monday, April 4, 2011

Thanks for coming on the journey!

In these early days of City/Rustic Jewelry, everything is in startup and there's always something to be working on. Today, I met with a friend who's doing my photography for my blog and upcoming Etsy shop. I've spent the evening trying to upload some apps to my Facebook page. And figured out a way to get a Twitter button onto the blog. 

It's an exciting time, designing online entities and studio jewelry that works in this way.

I've loved returning to hammering metal. But, wanting to grow old with my craft, I'm making some decisions about how and what to hammer! Instead of forging heavy-gauge metal, I'm instead constructing lighter pieces with hammered textures.

I've been working in copper, because I love its warmth and how easily it colors with heat. But I took a poll on my Facebook page and sterling silver was the clear choice for my fans. And so, I will be turning to designs in silver-only next, to coordinate with the copper already in my collection.

Stay tuned for photos of new works very soon!

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