Saturday, April 16, 2011

Telling stories in metal

I love to work in many media: paint, beads, crochet, graphics...  But my passion is for making metal jewelry. After running Humidity Gallery in Tallahassee, FL, for the past four years, I have just returned to my own studio to pursue my passsion.

The work I love best are the pieces that evoke a story. Not literally. But that lean in that direction and encourage the viewer/wearer to embue the piece with ideas from her/his own life.

I live in a leafy, mulchy region that inspires me, and have been interested in producing pieces that seem like they were scuffed up from the mulch with your toe. Artifacts... something from nature. 

Copper is my favorite metal. I use it with sterling in mixed-metal work. It supplies color, patina, texture and contrast. I own more than 30 hammers, with which I torture and shape metals.  I solder and apply color with an acetylene torch. And I assemble the metal pieces into larger works, creating my own findings along the way.

The beginning of my current collection is seen in my Etsy shop: CityRusticJewelry.

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