Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Learning my way around my camera...

I think I promised you this blog and my Etsy shop would be a journey. And so I'll be reporting on the new things I'm learning to do as I go. 

Not being a 'digital native,' and having been born long before there were even phone answer machines (much less voicemail, personal computers, cell phones and everything else we all use now), I've been busy playing catch-up on technology for the past decade.

This week I began to conquer my first digital camera and to upload my first images. I'd played around on another digital camera a little bit and had barely learned how to upload things from my hard drive. But now I'm happy to report that I've mostly figured out my new camera and have banged my way through the computer part. I don't score a perfect pic every time, but I intend to keep working at it and to replace early pics with better ones as they come.

I added several new pics to my Etsy shop today and will be posting one of those shots on this blog. Very pleased, and not nearly so nervous now!

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