Monday, April 18, 2011

Sunflower Pendant... the blossom reminds me of a pinwheel.  It and one leaf are brass. The other leaf is copper. The center of the blossom and the stem are sterling silver.

I make my own texturing tools, which I use with a hammer to impress patterns into the metal.

Both the yellow brass and copper bear heat patinas from my torch. The sterling is bright.


  1. Beautiful! Has a vintage vibe to it

  2. Did you solder all the petals together? Awesome stuff. Isn't it a bummer about silver going up so much? :(

  3. @ Evelyn: Thank you so much! It does sort of have vintage vibe to it.

    @ DB: The blossom itself is one piece of brass and I slits its edges to form the pinwheel petals. Its sterling center is soldered to it and all of the pieces are soldered together. And, yes, silver's cost is extraordinarily high. But I was working in mixed metals even before silver's price rose, because I like the character and contrast of the colored metals.