Thursday, May 2, 2013

Tales of the art jewelers...

I'm feeling sort of melancholy today. One of the best jewelry designers I know has decided that, in the face of job changes in her life, she must close her Etsy shop. Designing and selling art jewelry is always a risk and always a crapshoot. However, she has been pretty successful in the online world of Etsy and her ideas are always good.

Anna-Karin of Black Daisy Design on Etsy will be hosting a sale of her available work very soon, before she closes her shop. It will be very worthwhile to you to visit her shop once her sale begins, to take advantage of spectacular deals and to help her close down in style!

The link to her Etsy shop: 

You can contact her by 'convo' through her shop.

And so, as we bid Anna-Karin's Etsy shop au revoir, we wave with a brave smile on our face and then rush, rush, rush to buy some of those incredible goodies she has created!  

Here is her post about her sale: 

In other news...

I have completed my two spring art shows. And the miracle of selling a lot and having a lot more to offer has occurred. So, very soon, I will be listing many new pieces in my own Etsy shop and will blog again when I do.

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