Thursday, May 2, 2013

What's Next...

My spring art show season has come to an end. 

I did one show in Acworth, Georgia, and one in Birmingham, Alabama.

In both shows, Sunday was a rainy day and I hightailed it home with a wet tent and wet equipment.

Not the end of the world. With two sturdy adult sons who'll pitch in and help me dry things out and put them away, I get things back in order pretty quickly. But, at 60, I am starting to question whether it's developmentally appropriate for me to do this!

I love talking with the show customers and fellow artists. In a perfect world, it would be sunny and cool and the crowd would be in a buying mood. Sometimes this happens!

These are pics of my show booth. It looks a little different in each environment. But I have pretty much trimmed things down to a minimal presentation so customers can concentrate on my jewelry.

This is my booth on Main Street in Acworth, GA. 

Now that I am home and the booth is packed away, I'm planning to list a lot of new work in my Etsy shop. This will take the next few days, but please do check in on my shop as it happens.

Over the summer I will be developing my Etsy shop some more and sending work to galleries. No lover of summer heat, I spend the season in my studio.


  1. I love your booth. I would totally be drawn into it. And probably buy a lot more than I should. *snorts*

  2. Thank you! I would love to have you at my booth so we could take jewelry!