Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Just Us in Midtown: A Humidity Holiday Show... with Tana & Sharri

Once upon a time, two Tallahassee jewelry artists (Tana & Sharri) grew weary of life on the road and art shows and bead shows in distant villages. They wanted to stay home more and work with local artists and find ways to market their work there.

So they opened Humidity Gallery, first in an art park called Railroad Square. And then they moved it to Market Street. They ran their gallery for 4 years. They sold the works of more 200 local and regional artists during that time. But, in their first year on Market Street, the national economy tanked and it became difficult to grow and prosper in a small college city.

So, after 4 years, they sadly closed their gallery and returned to the lives of studio artists. They began to market their work on Etsy and Facebook, and returned to placing  their work in galleries in distant villages. The first year was full of learning and surprises and transitions and some successes.

One day, another local artist, Barbara Psimas, came to them and offered them the opportunity to do a 3-day show in her beautiful Midtown art studio. They decided to hold this during the holiday season and to spread the word that their newest work would be featured in a studio show.

And so, on December 1st, their show, 'Just Us in Midtown' will open. On that first evening, they will be open from 7-9 pm. On the next evening (Tallahassee's 'First Friday' monthly gallery hop evening), they will be open from 5:30-8:30 p.m. And on that Saturday, December 3rd, they will be open from 11:00 a.m. - 4:00 p.m. Holiday snacks will be served.

To get to the show at Barbara Psimas' Midtown studio, find the 2-storey red brick office building at the corner of Beard Street and Gadsden Street, at the south edge of Chez Pierre's parking lot. From Thomasville Road, the landmark is Waterworks.

Barbara's studio is in the lower left unit of the building. There's parking in front of the building and nearby.

We'll have some signs outside guiding your way.

Barbara will also have her classical jewelry on exhibit, as well as her Madonnas and other fine art.

To stay in touch with us and to learn more, please find us on our Facebook fan pages:


Address for the studio and show:  335 Beard Street, Tallahassee, FL 32302

These gorgeous photos were shot by Sharri Moroshok (copyright 2011). They depict current work by Tana & Sharri. Sharri creates beaded beads of many types and is world famous for this! The top photo is a duo of earrings, one pair by Sharri (the green & silver beaded-bead pair) and one by Tana (the bronze leaf pair.)

The middle photo is of Sharri's stacking bangles with beaded beads & vinyl tube beads and of Tana's bronze & sterling pendant, fabricated with a sterling 'cabachon.'

The bottom photo is of one of Sharri's gemstone beaded-bead Sea Urchin beads and one of Tana's stacking bangles in recycled copper and bronze, with an abstract blossom adorning it.

All of these items and many more can be found in the artists' Etsy shops!

Sharri's Etsy shop, TheBeadedBead, can be found at this link and you owe to yourself to take a look!

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