Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Every Once in Awhile...

In the new year, when I have more time, it's my intent to work on my blog and turn it into more of an online 'zine about art jewelry and the artists who make it and who sell it in different ways online.

This first year in business online myself, I've had a zillion learning curves, all while working hard in my studio to create new works worthy of the endeavor.  And now the holiday shopping season has arrived and I'm getting busy.

Pictured is one of my funky Christmas tree pendants in patterned steel and copper. Available in my Etsy shop, along with several others.

In the midst of all of the activity, along comes a nice experience, that of having a piece of my work highlighted in another artist's blog!

The writer/editor of that blog is already where I want to go with this one, and so it was a privilege and very fun to find my work included there.


Once in awhile, something really nice like this happens and it's the highlight of the day.

Hoping all of you in the U.S. have a wonderful Thanksgiving!

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