Friday, September 30, 2011

Trapezoid as Muse...

Way back in the distant past, I encountered the trapezoid. Maybe it was 10th grade geometry class. While the teacher rambled on about finding the area of a trapezoid, I got lost in a daydream about how cute they were.

Since then, I've always drawn them in my doodlings. And once I became a metalsmith, I brought them to life in copper.

I love to applique (by sweat soldering) shapes and forms onto their surfaces. Sterling, brass and bronze are used for the details. I fabricate each piece and solder them to the trapezoid.

Brand new in this line are my Copper Trapezoid Earrings. Reminiscent of my Trapezoid Fan Necklaces, the trapezoids in my earrings are smaller in scale, but host nearly as much detail.

They are asymmetrical in their detail, but balanced by their matched trapezoids. They're also hand stamped, on the copper and on the leaves and blossoms.

You can see these Copper Trapezoid Earrings, plus others, by following this link to my Etsy shop.  I have Trapezoid Fan Necklaces there, as well as other Trapezoid Earrings!

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