Sunday, September 18, 2011

Journey Through Metalsmithing: Recent Etsy Treasuries

Four new rings using recycled patterned sterling wire with handmade copper blossoms in different styles. These are heading to Newbill Collections by the Sea, a wonderful fine craft gallery on Ruskin Place in Seaside, Florida.


My spending lots of time on my computer (working on Etsy and Facebook and Twitter) dovetails perfectly with time in my home studio. I bounce back and forth from workbench to computer desk all day long.

Recently, many of my pieces in Etsy have been removed because those pieces have been sent to various galleries who have invited my work.

This is giving me the chance to rethink what work to put into my Etsy shop next. I'm busy in my studio, filling gallery orders, making some things for Etsy, and getting ready for some local selling events in November and December, in time for the winter holidays.

In the meantime, I'm also continuing to publish Etsy 'treasuries,' collections I curate from works I find on the online site. My main treasuries thread is what I call my 'curriculum' on metalsmithing.

I am endlessly fascinated by all things metalworking. Since I came up in an era when an MFA in metals was virtually unknown -- and, certainly, girls didn't take that career path -- I've spent the past 18 years teaching myself all manner of jewelry-making skills. Since I did not take the academic path to this, I'm educating myself about metals, methodologies and design.

Thank goodness for the age of online information!

Here are 6 recent Etsy treasuries I've curated on metalsmithing and design:

The Bronze Age: a look at modern work in this ancient alloy:

Copper is the Season: A gallery of exquisite art jewelry design in copper, sometimes using semi-precious gemstones:

The Big Bang Theory: Artists expressing ideas about the cosmos in metals:

Modernist, Minimalist Metalwork:  Contemporary design in metals, sometimes with a retro feel:

Industrial Frameworks:  The use of line and form to suggest solidity:

Fiber Techniques in Metals: Handwoven: A look at works in metals that resembed loomed work or baskets:

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