Sunday, June 26, 2011

By the sea, by the sea, by the beautiful sea...

I live in a region I long ago named 'the humid zone.' It is a land that is diverse, with a sea lapping from two directions, mountains at the top, and numerous rivers, creeks and forests threading their way throughout. It is unified by its humid climate.

Our flora and fauna are diverse. Long growing seasons bring us verdant woods and fields. Temperate salt waters bring us seafood and strange, wondrous creatures.

The jellyfish is ubiquitous in our region. They float around with gorgeous dangling tendrils, providing food to other species. I've long been fascinated by them.

In my piece, Jellyfish Blossom, I have created a pendant that combines my love of organic blossoms with the jellyfish. It just grew in my hands as I fold-formed each copper petal/tendril with my hammer. It took on a lustrous patina from my torch. (I must anneal, or soften, the metal with my torch's flame between each folding and hammering stage.) And then, by drilling holes and contouring the metal, I construct the piece from 5 fold-formed parts, a large faceted golden tigereye bead (up inside its belly), and a heavy sterling pin I make which runs through everything and is then wire-wrapped to form the bail.

You'll find more details and more pictures of Jellyfish Blossom on my Etsy shop site: