Monday, September 16, 2013

Riches on the Internet... my team on Etsy and Facebook!

One of the things that holds me together, makes my life interesting and teaches me a lot is my membership on the Etsy's Best Kept Secrets team. Now that I've learned how, from time to time, I take a turn at constructing the weekly collage of 'What We Have Made This Week.' 

Started long before I joined the team, the collage is posted in the team's Facebook fan page and each of us does our best to broadcast it as widely as we can.

This is the second one I have made. It was fun and it was a challenge. But the work within it is gorgeous and diverse, just as we EBKS teamies are. It's  not a large team, but it is international.

We live in Greece, Sweden, Hong Kong, Australia, Finland, England, Ireland, and several points in the U.S. Hope I'm not leaving anyone out!

Please see all of this collage's details on the Etsy's Best Kept Secrets blog:

And you're invited to visit and 'like' our Facebook fan page:

In other news... Although it is mid-September now, here in Tallahassee it is still very-hot late summer with no real end in sight for awhile. At this point in our long hot season, my nerves are screaming and it's hard to accomplish anything. I clearly live too far south in the U.S., but such is my lot in life. In fact, my Scottish ancestors arrived here in the 1840s, but I am not adapted to this climate. I do know that as soon as the first real hint of cooler fall weather arrives, I will be full of creative energy and jumping for joy. Fortunately, that's just weeks away.

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  1. awwwwww this is so nicely written! Thank you Tana! XO