Thursday, September 19, 2013

New Website Underway!

I'm busy, behind the scenes, working with my website designer to launch my new website, which will be an umbrella over both of my Etsy shops and their Facebook pages, to give a comprehensive view of what I make and sell.

It won't have its own shopping cart, but will utilize the Etsy shops' catalog appearance and shopping carts. I'm doing it this way so I can keep my creative energy focused in my studio and listing on Etsy.

Etsy shops have their own shopping carts, which offer two different payment systems: PayPal and Etsy's Direct Checkout.

I will also have a new blog attached to the website. Its working title right now is 'Butternut Patina.' But this blog will remain alive, too. Too many cool things have happened here to let it go. I'll link the website and its blog to this one, once the new things are launched.

Please visit both of my shops on Etsy!




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