Saturday, May 7, 2011

My little home studio!

I have three workbenches in my little studio, but on these I manage to design and create metalwork jewelry.

This photo shows my solder station (aqua & yellow table at left) and my hammer station (old rustic desk at right). In the center is my acetylene torch.


This is my multi-function workbench. To the left is my hammer station where I forge and texture metal with my many hammers and forming tools. The hammer stand hosts about 20 hammers and other shaping tools. In the right corner is my polishing station (my dremel is just out of the shot, hanging on a hook on the side of the bench).

The wall hanger holds some of my rubber stamp collection, from when I worked in metal clay. You can also see my anvils and auto body tools. 

And this is my third workbench, where I design and assemble jewelry. My dremel drill press is on the right and in the center hang my jeweler's pliers and cutters. Many kinds of metal wire are also stored in this area and my new TV (for keeping an eye on world affairs!) is at the top right of this pic.

My studio is tiny: 10' x 12' and is squeezed into the smallest room in our house, forcing me to micro-miniaturize my equipment while still allowing me to dream big in metal!

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  1. Love the photos of your studio and bench! How organized it looks! Thanks for sharing these :)