Friday, February 27, 2015

Happy 'Real Winter' from North Florida!

This is my favorite season of the year in north Florida. I love when my sub-region behaves a bit more like the rest of the North American continent and less like the topics.

Although my family has been in Florida since the early 1800s, my particular DNA has never adapted to our long, hot summers. And so I revel in the cold season here.

Of course, we are not suffering deep snow and blizzards like they are up north. Just beautiful cold days, and sometime chilly gloomy days, at that.

I've used these winter days to work hard in my studio. I plan to work hard on my jewelry all year, to see how far I can push myself to create a strong inventory in my Etsy shop, CityRusticJewelry.

You can see all of my available work in my online shop on Etsy:


 Top photo: darkened sterling silver and purple sugalite cabochon leaf/pod earrings.

Middle photo: labradorite pod necklace with 9 handmade pendants that fan around the collar bone. In sterling silver.

Bottom photo: a commissioned piece using copper from a Florida Bitter Disk, from deep inside the National High Magnetic Field Laboratory's giant research magnet. In copper, sterling and chrysocola.

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