Monday, August 4, 2014

Summer in the Northern Hemisphere...

Summertime, and the living is easy... maybe even for the artists on the Artisan Anthology team. Each week, this little international team publishes a collage of our recent work and this is this week's collage. 

Here in the subtropics of the U.S., we're having a warm, muggy summer. It's been a little atypical, in this time of climate change, with some cool spells breaking up the heat and humidity every once in awhile.

In the north, artists participate in nearly weekly art shows and festivals, but in the deep south, we hibernate for awhile and then get busy for autumn and the winter holidays. 

Taking a quick glance at my calendar, I realize I must get busy soon!

But this summer, for me, has been about building infrastructure for the next long, happy phase of our lives. Creating onsite storage, new outside living areas, a screened porch and a new home studio has been the work of summer around here.

From that platform, I hope to get back to creating new work. Having my studio at home again will let my nightowl tendences grow more productive again. This time the studio is as far from our bedroom as I can locate it, so I can do all but the noisiest of production activities late into the night.

At this point, my Railroad Square studio is a thing of the past, for me. But my studio mate, Valerie will continue her work there and she's getting a new studio mate -- one of my favorite people! -- in my place. And I will continue my close association with both artists there, even though I'll be working at home.

The focus of my jewelry business is shifting to my online shop on Etsy, a few galleries I supply with works, and a few local activities -- including meeting up with friends for coffee, bringing my work along. If you're local and would like to meet up with me, contact me via my Facebook fan page and leave a message!

The link to my fan page:

And my work is always available in my Etsy shop. See the slideshow from that shop in the sidebar, to the right side of this blog page.

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