Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Goin' green (on the inside, too!)...

Reaching the end of my 50s, I've reached a fork in the road. I can continue the too-busy/too-tired lifestyle I've had for a long time, or I can take the other fork and find my way to better health and vigor with which to greet my seventh(!!!!!!) decade. I turned 59 yesterday, and though I am young at heart and still experience great joie de vivre, my physical vehicle knows I'm no longer young and is rebelling a bit.

Recently, two very healthy friends reached age 60 and extreme things happened to their health. Who knows what treachery lies ahead? I'd come to feel it certainly would, if I failed to make some changes.

About a month ago, I dropped by a fellow local artist's studio/gallery to talk about doing some business. Always a pretty woman, I could not believe the sparkle-dazzle (and the weight loss) I saw on her.

Wondering if she'd had a super-spa holiday and perhaps some 'nip-tuck,' I was quickly informed that these were the results of a deep, intensive 'cleanse diet,' and that a new class was about to start.

Mentally quoting that famous line from 'When Harry Met Sally,' I muttered: "I want what she's having" to myself and decided I would plunge into the program and see what would happen to me.

The leader of the program held an in-take meeting a whole week before we were to begin the eating regime. This allowed me to take a quick business trip with my husband and to celebrate my birthday before radically altering what I am to eat and drink. But, the birthday is now behind me and Day One of the regime has arrived.

And, I'm happy to report, so far, I'm feeling great. I actually do like the beet/veggie soup I made in advance. And I actually like the 'green' antioxidant drink I sip on, too. I have great expectations that soon some weight will drop and my skin will be radiant. At the very least, I think I'll beat back some of those encroaching 'old people' problems that were knocking at my door.

If all goes well, this will be a great 60th year, before I actually turn 60. It's a personal New Year's for me. One filled with hope and resolution. One anticipating greater energy and concentration. And one in which, in a teeny-tiny way, I get to put myself first.

Pictured above is my Owyhee and Bronze Pendant, which has been sold. But I love how it turned out and how photogenic it is. I'm busy making other stone and bronze/sterling pendants and as they are readied, they are available in my Etsy shop. Follow the slide show of my Etsy shop at the right side of my blog page to see everything there!

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