Monday, March 28, 2011


For four years, I co-owned and ran a brick-and-mortar gallery and in January, my business partner and I came to the conclusion that we needed to close. And so, after many years of designing and selling our work individually -- and then setting that aside (pretty much) in order to run the gallery and sell the work of others -- we each found ourselves back in our home studios, designing new jewelry and businesses and learning to market our work in new ways.

And so I have been thinking about 'reinvention' and how necessary it is to be able to do it several times in a long life. Not being a 'digital native' of the young set, I am finding it fun and interesting to master new online marketing methods using Facebook, Twitter, a website, and coming Etsy shop, and this blog. My business partner and I now have two separate jewelry businesses, but we share knowledge, skills and information to our mutual benefit. And we retain the gallery's e-newsletter on Constant Contact.

One previous 'unintended consequence' of having to reinvent our businesses has also given us opportunity to re-imagine what work we will make to sell in this new way. What I am learning about online marketing platforms is informing what I choose to create in my studio. And vice-versa. And so this time, 'reinvention' of myself, my art and my business is merging seemingly disparate ingredients into a new whole. Which is what I want my life to do, as well!

Having been pulled in too many directions in the past to list, it is thrilling to now focus strongly upon a 'unified field theory' of business, life and art. I hope those who read this blog and view my current work will feel inspired by the opportunities that arise when moments of 'reinvention' arrive in their own lives.

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